Why Use Sharp Edge?

High Performance Sharpening for High Performance Cutting Professionals and Enthusiasts!


Why use Sharp Edge?

Sharp Edge has over ten years of sharpening experience and uses only, proven, high quality sharpening methods.  Our goal is to minimize the removal of metal, maximize the life of your knife or tool, and maintain precise bevel angles to achieve the sharpest possible and most durable edge.  Sharp Edge prides itself on reliability, consistency, high quality sharpening and customer experience for a reasonable price.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Sharp Edge Sharpening Methods:

Ø   Slow running water stone grinders restore bevel angles and eliminate any risk of overheating your knife or tool.

Ø   Paper wheels minimize heat buildup with wax and quickly polish to a razor sharp edge.

Ø   Manual sharpening utilizing various grit water stones and the industry gold standard in hand sharpening angle control.

Ø   Final honing with fine abrasives to create a polished, smooth cutting and durable edge

Ø   Sharp Edge will also combine sharpening methods to achieve a custom edge for your needs.


Your knives and tools professionally sharpened by Sharp Edge will be extremely sharp and often sharper than new.   Your colleagues, competition, friends and family will envy your precision cutting edges and the results seen in your work or play (OK, don’t actually play with knives or any other sharp objects, you know what I mean.)!


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