Why Use a Professional Sharpener?

Why use a professional sharpener when you can use a steel, home gadget, sharpening stone or grinder to refresh your edges on your own?

Even edges that have been properly cared for and maintained will eventually lose the original edge shape and/or optimal bevel angle after repeated touch up. A high quality, professional sharpener like Sharp Edge will re-grind your blades to expose a fresh edge at the optimal bevel angle and blade shape while minimizing metal removal without overheating the blade or compromising the temper of your steel.

You likely purchased your knife or tool for a specific cutting function. Edges become dull over time with repeated use and even proper maintenance. As a matter of fact, some knives and tools come new from the factory without a proper edge. Your tool does not function at an optimal level when the edge is not sharp or not sharpened properly. Dull or improperly sharpened edges tear or slip off materials and lack the accuracy and efficiency you require rather than making the clean, precise cuts you demand. Dull edges require more work per cut than a Sharp Edge as a result. You deserve better whether you are a professional, serious enthusiast or just like your edge tools around the house or shop to function with high performance, durability and optimal efficiency.

Sharp edges are safer to use due to increased control and decreased effort in the cutting process.

Sharp Edge professionally restores dull edges bring your knife or tool back to its original (and often better) performance thus making it a more effective tool in performing its intended function. Sharp Edge provides high performance sharpening for high performance cutting professionals and enthusiasts!