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Sharp Edge sharpening services start at $5.00 per item.

Please see the partial list of services itemized below for specific pricing.

This price guarantees you the sharpest edge available while maintaining maximal durability and minimal steel removed.  Reliable, consistent, high quality sharpening and customer experience at a reasonable price.  Most edges will be sharper than new and should be handled with great care to ensure safety and to extend time between sharpening. 

Popular Sharp Edge Services

Culinary Knives $5

Clipper Blades $6

Beveled Barber Shears $10

Convex Beauty Shears $25

Serrated Knives $7

Sewing Scissors $5

Straight Razors $10

Machetes $10

Cleavers $7

Household Scissors $5

Axes $10

Plane Blades $5

Hunting Knives $5

Upholstery Scissors $5

Hatchets $7

Grass Clippers $7

Multi-Tools $5

Pruning Shears $5

Shovels $10

Fishing Knives $5

Pocket Knives $5

Hedge Shears $7

Mower Blades $10

Chainsaw Chains $10

Pricing assumes blades in normal condition with no chips or damage.  Additional service charges may be charged for repairs, restoration, very dull blades, edges with chips, severely damaged edges, rust removal, broken tips, large items, specialty or complex items.

Popular Sharp Edge Products


We now sell the following items in addition to the sharpening services listed below:


Ø      FDick cutlery (Highest quality cutlery made in Germany)

Ø    “Rescued" Knives (Refurbished and ready to release back into the wild)


All items are offered with the same high quality craftsmanship, sharpest edge available, customer experience, satisfaction guarantee and reasonable price you expect from Sharp Edge.  

Call or email for current inventory and pricing.