Edge Care (*new*)

One of the most common questions I get asked while working is how to maintain a sharp edge between sharpening.  The top answers are:

Ø Hand wash and dry your tools after use

Ø Scrape food off cutting boards with the spine (back side), not the sharp edge

Ø Avoid cutting or contact with hard and abrasive materials

Ø Carefully scrape gunk, sap, glue, fish scales, etc off with a razor blade or putty knife (Isopropyl Alcohol helps loosen up)

Ø Don’t drop sharp tools

Ø Use tools for their intended purpose

Ø Sharp tools require less effort…so use less effort

Ø Store in a dry place with the edges protected

Ø Lightly oil after use if rust prone

In addition to all the tips above, the absolute best way, in my most humble opinion, to maintain a razor sharp edge on your knives is to “strop” between uses.  This is the way I have maintained my edges for the last 10 years.  Anyone who has watched me work has probably seen me strop the edge of knives as the final step before wiping down the blade and handing over to the customer.  A strop is simply a piece of leather (or canvas) glued to a flat piece of wood with the fuzzy side up.  The strop is treated with an ultra fine grit compound that polishes the edge.  Stropping is easy to do, barely removes any metal and will produce a mirror edge on your knife with repeated use.

Sharp edge has been making strops in different shapes and sizes for different applications for many years.